At Epicurspicy we are determined to have a good time. We like to mix things up and have a little fun.  Always have. Always will.

It all started when a lifelong group of friends who are passionate about three things — flavor, form and function — came together over Margaritas. In our particular part of the world, Margaritas are not your typical beverage and finding a decent one is, to say the least, a challenge. We got tired of paying high prices for mediocre Margaritas. We wanted to be transported in one simple sip back to our carefree days of travelling the world and exploring new cultures.

Those three passions — flavor, form and function — are an extension of our architectural and engineering backgrounds marrying perfectly with our love of all things food and drink. The desire to solve our aforementioned Margarita situation was so strong that it led us to create our own version blended with all natural products and real fruit juices for a true Margarita experience.

After mixing endless variations in small batches and having countless taste testing parties (we never said our job was easy!), we finally felt that we had achieved the perfect citrus combination that when mixed with tequila gave us a deliciously authentic Margarita.



Then we got a little crazy.
We started thinking, why stop there? There must be others who feel the same passionate way that we do about flavor and function and who would want to see the common cocktail presented in an uncommon way. Who doesn’t want mouthwatering cocktails in a stylish and functional package? 
Who wants to waste precious time prepping ingredients the night before a big event? Or, even worse, waiting in long lines during a big event for a cocktail rather than enjoying the party? Not us, that’s for sure.

Come discover Epicurspicy: The party’s just getting started!