Our products are made with all natural ingredients, including real fruit juice in powdered form. Our cocktails are packaged in a reclosable stand up bag with zip. Each bag holds approximately 2L and makes at least 10 frozen cocktails using 350ml or about one-half bottle of liquor.

Frozen Cocktail Preparation

Simply open the reclosable bag containing our powdered cocktail mixture and follow the instructions on the back of the bag: add the appropriate liquor and water to the bag, mix well and place bag into freezer for 8-10 hours. Once frozen just open the bag, stir well to mix and spoon cocktail into a glass. If cocktail is not entirely consumed, simply zip the bag closed and place back into freezer. Your frozen cocktails will save.


  • Quick and easy preparation
  • Prepared and stored in the same package – less mess and less waste
  • Consistently delicious frozen cocktails always ready to be served
  • Easily store in the freezer for future use maintaining luscious taste and texture
  • Ideal for small and large groups including cafes/bars, restaurants and hotels
  • Portable for outdoor activities: pool, beach, boating or camping



The rich burst of natural lemon, lime and orange flavors makes our frozen Margarita ideal for any party. Ole! Add to the bag: 350 ml of Tequila, 125 ml of Triple Sec (Optional) and fill with water to appropriate line on back of bag.

Strawberry Margarita

If you like our frozen Margarita, you will love the addition of luscious strawberries in our frozen Strawberry Margarita. A delightful twist on the classic Margarita. Add to the bag: 350 ml of Tequila, 125 ml of Triple Sec (Optional) and fill with water to appropriate line on back of bag.


The combination of refreshing cool mint and crisp lime makes this classic Cuban cocktail a delicious concoction. One sip of our frozen Mojito and you will be transported to the breezy nights of old Havana. Add to the bag: 350 ml of Rum and fill with water to appropriate line on back of bag.


The authentic Brazilian cocktail comes to life in our mouthwatering frozen version. The perfect blend of sweetness with the tangy limes makes this frozen cocktail a maravilha! Add to the bag: 350 ml of Cachaça and fill with water to appropriate line on back of bag.


The fruity combination of juicy, vine ripened strawberries and tart limes is a deliciously sweet way to celebrate any occasion. Add to the bag: 350 ml of Rum and fill with water to appropriate line on back of bag.


For those who want a change from the common cocktail, our frozen Caipiroska has the sweetness and the tart lime flavor like our Caipirinha but vodka in place of the cachaça. The result? A completely different yet divine frozen cocktail. Change is good. Add to the bag: 350 ml of Vodka and fill with water to appropriate line on back of bag.